Tuesday, May 10, 2011

late nite call

Hei there, how's ur day? Mine? Colourfull ;)
it is 12:35am quite late, honestly I feel sleepy but I want to write smthing bfore I sleep.. I hvnt finish my nutrisari anyway, I'm addicted with it :)

I got a call from my very best friend, her name is Acid, she's broken heart again! *u always broken heart baby, ahahhahaa*
Tonite she told me about her day at her campus, in Unpar, Bandung.. But we met at Semarang when we were in High School,,
I'll tell u about our relationship, we're so close to each other,, I tell all my story to her and so did her.. She knows everything, if u wanna know about my biggest secret just ask her, and I'll kill her then.. Ahahahaha..
Maybe u curious, what is she looks like? Moreless like Ayushita!! Ahhhaa really, from BBB and she'll mad when smone call her Ayushita..hehhe, yes indeed! "Acidshita" ahhahahaa..

She asked me bout today, I wasn't told her about my lovey dovey day.. She's gonna throw up! Ahahha,, she hates my relationship with that one.. Ahahhahahaha, never mind!
And I told her bout internship stuff, and I have to find lots of money and she said "woow, ure the tough one"
yeah, I have to get more than 12 million rupiahs, *sigh* it only for the ticket,,
But then she yelled toward me "I've just spend 13 million rupiahs for sawteeth (kawat gigi), oh my god!I'm so lucky"
Yes, u are moron! Ahahahaa..

That's why I love her, we did stupid things together, we laugh, we fight and we cry..

I'm feeling like, she fullfilled me and me either.. And I miss her again, but now she'S on the phone with her boyfriend, not exactly her boyfriend bcos she'S single.. But she has lots of "boyfriends",, ahahaha.. Poor her, she stuck on smone.. Hiiihiii..

Goodnite Acid, goodnite parents, goodnite peeps, goodnite boys, and goodnite stranger.. *dont worry, I won't make my blog private like others.


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