Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tentang Saya :))

oRg yG mEmPunYai iNi AdL cE dG ciRi2 sBb;
rAmBuT iTeM nAnGgUnG aLa aShLeE siMpSoN, mAtA buLeT cOkLaT tUa miRiP dArK cOkLaT yG yUmMy iTu LoH!!!, kULiT gA jELaS pUTiH iYa,cOkLaT iYa,,,aBu2 kALi yE???, tiNgGi/bRt; MaLu SaYA mEnGuTArAKan iNi, gA bOsEn pAkE BrAcHeS piNk,,,pNy nAmA pAnJ BgT pE sEriNg d kEtAwAiN oRg2 kL gE d bAcAiN aBsEn,,,
sK sKaLi mAsAK,
fAsHiOnKjUnKiE, aRtLoVeR, sHoPaHoLiC,
eGoiStiC, mOodY, sAssY, siLLy, LiL'biT hEdOniStiC, nArCiSm, rEbeL, oUtGoiNg, pEtHeTiC, sUmtiMeS iNdiViDuALiStiC, veRyBeRy sHoPhiCtiCaTeD, n i wAs a fReAkiNgOuTLoVeR,,
piNksTuFF, pArtYpEoPLe, nEsCaFe cOFFeEcReAm, sEnDaL jEpiT, dEniM 'n tOp, cHeWinGgUm, hAgGeNdAzZ, mY' BluejAzZ, LaPtOp, iPod 'n mYoNLyOnE,,,jUsT cAnT LiVe wiThOuT dAtZ,,,
sK sKaLi hUra2, bErSnG2, CeNgArCeNgiR,
[[[tHe'rEaL tHiNg]]]
i tRy tO sEeTLe diZ dOwN, wiTh MaNy PaiN inSiDe oF mY hEaD, i tHiNk iM sEriOuLy oUt oF suMtHin, i wAnNa fiNd sUmOnE tHaT i cAn bLaMe, i wiSh u cAn mAkE iT, LiKe d dAy bEfOrE tOdAy,,,
,,,iM tiReD tO wiPe mY tEaRs, i hAtE tO aLwAyS sMiLe wHiLe iM cRyiN inSiDe,,,wAiT a miLLiOn miNuitE uNtiL u mAkE mE sMiLe,,iM sO LoNeLy hErE,,wHy u mAkE mE sO doWn? tiMe iS NeVa EnOuGh 4 uS tO makE a bEtTeR wAy,,,aLL i wAnNa Do,,,iS jUsT kEeP siLeNt 4 a wHiLe,,tHiNkiN aLL tHe sHiT tHiNg tHaT cOuLd hApPeNn sUmDaY!!! wHy eVeRYtHiN sEeMs tO bE sO cOmPLiCaTeD,,i tHiNk tO aPoLoGiZe iS tOo LaTe, bAbY,,
aRrGh,,tOo muCh sCrEaM, tOo mUcH pReAcH, tOo muCh LiE, tOo muCh hUrT,,i tHiNk u'LL uNdErsTaNd,,
wE aRe iN a mEsS,,wHaT wiLL hApPeNn nExT?
***wHy wE dOnT gO tO oUr sEpErAtE wAy???***

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